for your organization's behavior.


have all the fun tools?


your communication networks say.



See your organization as it actually is

- a network of people -

more than just job titles and departments.



Predict expensive turnover.

Find the hidden leaders.

Make your team the most valuable asset.


What ConnectWith Does

ConnectWith is bringing you the power of modern big data tools to your company’s internal network.

Managing a team is difficult

Management can’t see everything and often miss the natural leaders, influencers, and communicators. When an organization is not well run, employee turnover becomes crippling.

Research Based

Unlike other solutions we use sociology research and big data techniques to build a more efficient team and stop turnover.

Leverage Existing Networks

ConnectWith uses the company’s existing communication networks to manage the internal organization. What LinkedIn did to the resume, we do to the company water cooler.

Analytics Dashboard

We provide a dashboard of actionable insights derived from social network analysis and predictive analytics with real time data, without requiring an expensive and time-consuming study.

The ConnectWith Mission

To connect people for a better, happier, and more productive world at a time when our society promotes isolation and competition. ConnectWith helps organizations uncover, analyze, and leverage their hidden communications networks using modern research and big data tools.

Who ConnectWith Works For

Executives and HR Professionals

Leaders in an any company or organization need to manage the people who work for them. Knowing who to promote, who to give responsibility to, and who to rely on can mean the difference between success and failure.

Culture Focused Companies

Cross-functional sales, knowledge share, best practices, innovation – all of these need a good communication network that spans a company. If these principles are part of your company’s core values, it is imperative to have a view on the communications network.

Growing Organizations

One of the most deadly missteps for a growing company is delegating to the wrong people. Knowing who can get things done and who can lead – not by gut instinct, but by objective numbers –  means your company grows well.

How ConnectWith Helps

By leveraging sociology principles and machine learning, we provide you a dashboard that visualizes the hidden network in your company. The ConnectWith analytics engine looks at and analyzes your network to pull out insights you can take action on. Answer these questions:


  • Who is most at risk of leaving (turnover)?
  • Who are the leaders I should promote?
  • Who should I use for this cross-functional team?